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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.5 for Touch

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by SPB Software | Support

Summary: SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Touch. SPB Mobile Shell is the first program a Touch user needs to install. It dramatically improves the standard user interface and adds features that most users expect from a modern Touch.

Delivery: Software available for download immediately after the payment.

Requirements: Touch compatible

Downloads: 2079761  |  Updated: 2013-11-22

Price: $14.99

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Average customer rating:
79/5 (79 ratings)

Application description

SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Touch. SPB Mobile Shell is the first program a Touch user needs to install. It dramatically improves the standard user interface and adds features that most users expect from a modern Touch Touch.

SPB Mobile Shell Awards:
  • #1 best selling Touch application at Handango 2008
  • Touch & Touch Magazine Awards winner 2008 (User Interface Improvements)
  • #1 recommended Touch program by Clinton Fitch
  • #1 best selling mobile application among all platforms (Handango 2008)
  • Shareware Industry Awards winner 2007 as the best mobile application 2007

SPB Mobile Shell 3 brings user experience to the next level.

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 Features:

  • NEW! New widgets (Facebook and Twitter status, Internet search and many more)
  • NEW! 3D email and SMS viewer
  • NEW! Gravity sensor support in the 3D carousel
  • NEW! Current weather conditions (in addition to forecast)
  • Multipage home screen
  • Widgets (Lifestyle Home Screen)
  • 3D carousel
  • Contacts with Facebook integration
  • Call log
  • Ringtone management
  • Animated transitions
  • Navigation with gestures
  • Now Screen: the most important information at one screen
  • SPB Menu: Touch style menu
  • Photo speed dial
  • Launcher

Widgets Widgets

Cool widgets to customize your Home screen

  • Photo contacts
  • Picture frame
  • Media Player
  • Facebook and Twitter status
  • Touch profile
  • Weather
  • Internet search
  • Wireless switches
  • Appointments and tasks

Contacts Contacts

Finger friendly contacts with Facebook integration

  • Widget-based photo contacts
  • Facebook integration
  • Photo call log
  • Smart contact search
  • 3D favorite contacts carousel
  • Ringtone management
  • Category filter

Launcher Launcher

Fast access to all your Touch features

  • Pinned shortcuts
  • 3D email and SMS viewer
  • Recently used programs
  • Finger friendly task manager
  • 3x3 Touch style menu

Tools Tools

SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools

  • Weather forecasts
  • Current weather
  • Agenda view
  • World time
  • Internet search
  • Wireless switches
  • Profiles
  • Facebook and Twitter status

Personalization Personalization

Customize your Touch with your preferences

  • 3D carousel with special effects
  • Make your own Home screen using widgets
  • Adaptive skins
  • Change background
  • Customize your menu
  • Change widget skins
  • Choose Professional or Lifestyle Home screen


самая хорошоя оболочка в мире ))))) ищите ее на spaces там и кряки и разные версии, а 15 зеленых можно на пиво пустить ))

Помогите скачать эту прогамму

I installed this on a 5 year old Samsung Omnia with WM 6.1. I was concerned that it would interferewith the voice activation program. There are no issues at all. Very good program and much better than the factory interface. I bought Sbp news at the same time, it is WAY BETTER than the RSS reader that came with the phone.


SPB Mobile Shell is a nice software for the new generation user interface. It is easily down loadable and Toshiba g810 compatible. It has multicolor screen feature. It is a reasonably low cost software.

it is the best user friendly interaction that i have seen since i have been using many application for my mobiles...

the gravity feature and the 3d effects and the most stunning features of this application and what i can say is i would definitely try this application on my phone

New UI is beautiful while keeping its functionality. It also improves the features that are available. Everybody is bored about the default themes that comes with the phone. Everyone wants to be unique. I'm sure this application is going to rock!

Next generation user interface mobile shell. Its a must have for users who love to look into the future concepts of mobile interface. Widgets, 3D functionality and multipage features all makes it the front-runner in the market.

It is really good to have it. I was very much impress on it .

SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface and keeping more advantage of latest model mobile phone. It have latest technology for download in very fast speed. The cost of this handset is very perfect for this type of model range.

Really wonderful software. I am happy to know that it improves the standard user interface. I like this software because it has all the expected features.

I have to say that this little piece of software turned my HTC Tilt2 from great to stupendous! Easily customizable without tweaking the registry. I customized the today screen with shortcuts that not even the built-in touchflo 3d screen could do. I now have my messages, calendar, tasks, calculator, weather, contacts, missed calls, programs, and sound icons, plus the date, time and weather, all within reach and ready at the touch of a finger, without scrolling or accessing menus! This software makes just about any smartphone smarter! For those wanting an iPhone because of the display interface, save your money and go with other, more powerful smartphones and install this SPB Mobile Shell software on it. You won't be disappointed.

This is the first thing to be installed on windows mobile device

It is a highly advantageous item.

Best Shell replacement for Windows Mobile 6. Although it lacks in terms of a replacement for a Dialer, call and SMS receiver/handler but over all a very nicely made interface. Best part with this version is that it is customisable. Next version should over-ride the default windows menu, more is needed. Still fun enough... don't miss it.

Really Great Application.
Very Finger Friendly.

Verizon HTC Touch Pro 2 Users be Warned that there is a Bug that will keep you from using the Contact Buttons at the Bottom of a Screen During a Call, Kind of a Bummer...

The New 3D Email is Really Cool. However, I wish it would switch Mailboxes to the Account that Has Unread email automatically like Outlook Does.

I also Wish they would make the Recycle Bin When Editing the Layout Optional. It is REALLY hard to get Icons Near the Bottom of the Screen...

Besides those few Gripes I think it is WAY better than the TouchFlo3D that came with my Device.

Nice to have such a software which improves the standard user interface technology strikes once again. thank you

This software has so many features that its unbelievable to imagine that it can come at such a reasonable price.Definitely one of its kind.Nobody should miss out on this one

this is really beneficial software.i like the application of this software.the installation process is very fast and easy

Good software, I have fun using it every day!

Flat out awesome! Huge improvement over the WM 6.1 interface. Before I downloaded the sbp shell, I was considering a new phone. Now I am thrilled with my Samsung Saga.

This rocks! I've been using it for 15 days. I feel like I have a new phone! this is the interface the the phone SHOULD have come with. Happy to pay for something useful that actually works on my Omnia. Kudos to the developers.

This one is brilliant!
Good integration with the standard apps, intuitive interface and very finger friendly. Yup, this one stays installed!


Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 sieht nicht nur gut aus, es kann auch einiges. Vor allem die Anpassung durch Widgets ist eine große Bereicherung für jeden Windows Mobile Benutzer. Über 3D-Elemente, wie das Karussell, erfolgt die Bedienung des Windows Mobile Gerätes in Sekundenschnelle. Dass das Programm auch auf vier Jahre alten Geräten noch ohne Ruckeln läuft wird viele Benutzer begeistern. Zudem hat Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 eine Schnittstelle zur Web2.0 Anwendung „Facebook“ und liegt somit voll im Trend. Spb Software hat auch an kommende Geräte und vor allem Betriebssysteme gedacht. Das Programm ist zu 100% kompatibel mit dem bald erscheinenden Windows Mobile 6.5.

Ein besseres Benutzer-Interface als Spb Mobille Shell 3 findet man zurzeit nicht!


It is great program, and easy to use

Rocks on the Epix. Transformational. Was starting to question whether the Epix was worth it over the Blackjack II - now I'm a LOT happier with the Epix.

Первая программа, которую нужно установить на КПК

хорошая прога! Мне нравитя:)

Excellent. Really improved overall user inteface. Exceeded expectations; highly recommended.

Awesome program that simplifies all the applications on the WM 6 device! Integrates perfectly, and compliments your device!

Was a little nervous about this at first because it seemed to have some bugs, but after soft resetting my phone it works like it promised. Very happy with the Spb.

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.5 for Touch

Price: $14.99

 10.81 MBBuy now